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Call for commercial glass repair in Wicker Park IL Buffing a window for glass repair in Wicker Park, IL

Graffiti Removal and Glass Repair in Chicago, IL

serving Wicker Park, Little Village, Logan Square, and Pilsen IL

Guardian Glass is a full-service glass repair company serving Wicker Park, Little Village, Logan Square, and Hilsen IL. For graffiti removal, scratch repair, and hard water stain elimination, call Guardian Glass. Our repairs make your glass shine without having to pay for replacement windows and installation costs.

We Make Your Windows Look New Again

Whether your windows are broken or dirty, our staff can help you maintain a professional appearance. Our repairs make your windows look like they had never been damaged. We offer a comprehensive range of glass repairs.

  • Scratch removal. We can repair scratches on all types of glass, including windows, doors, and windshields. Even if a scratch looks too deep to be repaired, we can fix it.
  • Graffiti removal. Wicker Park, IL businesses no longer need to fear permanent graffiti damage by local gangs. We can remove any type of graffiti from your glass: scratched graffiti, painted graffiti, and even acid-etched graffiti.
  • Hard water stain removal. Hard water stains—the cloudy white bubbles that dot your glass—are often difficult to remove with over the counter spot removal products. Call in the professionals to polish your glass back to its original shine.
  • Anti-graffiti film installation. We can install a special film over your glass windows that resists damage by graffiti, scratches, and chips. If your glass does get vandalized, we can easily and affordably remove the film and replace it.

Our Process

When you call us, we will schedule a block of time for our technician to assess the glass damage. Generally we can repair the damage that same day. If the damage is extensive, we may need to schedule multiple visits to get the job done.

If you have scratched or dirty glass windows, call Guardian Glass today for quick and affordable glass repair. Our office number is 312.869.4527.